Being active for more than 35 years and exploring with success in the natural environment, Vior is highly conscious of the fragility and the importance in the preservation of these environments. Exploration and mining activities have various social and environmental footprints and impacts. Vior aims to mitigate the overall footprint of any exploration activities by using a careful and thoughtful approach. It also looks to work closely with the local communities in order to help align their mutual goals and benefits. In that regard and to ensure continuity in its long-term governance.

Sustainable Development Policy

Vior has adopted a sustainable development policy that captures the Company’s vision in the matter. This policy is inspired by the Company’s long-standing practices and by the e3 Plus framework developed by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, which aims to provide exploration companies with the tools and knowledge to apply best practices in corporate social responsibility, environmental management, community engagement, and health and safety. Vior applies these principles by following corporate governance guidelines and the Company’s code of ethics in all its daily activities, and encourages its suppliers and consultants to do the same.


Responsible governance encompasses all of the Company’s activities. It is rooted in on compliance with laws and regulations, integrity, transparency, accountability, cooperation, and continuous improvement.

All members of management and employees, at all levels, adhere to the Company’s code of ethics and are aware of their environmental and social responsibilities, and work to continuously improve their work practices. All projects are planned and managed with a view to minimizing impacts on the environment and local communities, in a sustainable development perspective.


The Company complies with all laws and regulations relating to health and safety in all its exploration activities, and applies best practices to ensure the health and safety of its employees and local populations. Its objective is to provide a healthy and safe workplace for its employees with a strong focus on prevention.


Sharing the land is critical and coexistence with other users must be based on proactive, open, and transparent dialogue and communication. Vior strives to establish a constructive dialogue and interacts in good faith with local authorities, Native communities, government agencies, stakeholders and other land users.


The Company complies with all laws and regulations relating to environmental protection in all its exploration activities. Vior strives to minimize its environmental footprint and promotes best environmental practices wherever it operates.


The Company aims to generate benefits locally and contribute to local development whenever possible, by building constructive partnerships that will prove beneficial for all parties involved and in line with the vision of host communities.


Vior uses and enforces management procedures that foster honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability. The Company conducts all its activities and exchanges in an ethical manner and does not condone or associate with unethical behaviour.


Vior ensures human rights are respected in all its activities, for all its employees, suppliers, consultants, and local populations. All members of management and employees are aware of their responsibilities in this regard, and suppliers and consultants are also encouraged to follow the Company’s policy.


Vior diligently assesses risks and challenges relating to each exploration project. This involves careful planning of exploration activities, paying special attention to the applicable legal and regulatory framework and to the potential impacts on local populations and the environment, while ensuring the health and safety of its workers.