Skyfall Nickel


  • District-scale land package comprised of 925 claims, consolidated over highly prospective Gold and Nickel-Copper-PGE terrain 100 km south of Chapais, Quebec. Covering 515, Skyfall encompasses the complete eastern extension of the Urban- Barry greenstone belt,
  • Strategic acquisition located to the East of Osisko Mining Inc.’s Windfall deposit, a 7M+ oz resource world class gold discovery, the Skyfall project benefits from a low-cost exploration possibility in the favourable jurisdiction of the Northern Abitibi. Excellent access on well-maintained forestry road network throughout the property,
  • A rare under-explored area in the Abitibi belt (only few historic ddh!) which is located next to a Tier-One deposit.


  • The property is composed of a succession of mafic to felsic volcanic assemblages with a dacitic volcanic center and significant ultramafic-mafic flow-sequences to the south/southeast, and other ultramafic units within the parautochtone of the Grenville province,
  • Thin layers of exhalative sediments (cherts and iron formations) and detrital sandstones and mudrocks are intercalated with the volcanic rocks as well as an observed sedimentary basin to the east where polygenic conglomerates containing intrusion fragments were identified during the summer of 2022,
  • Structurally the geology is affected in the northern limit of the project by the major Urban deformation corridor, furthermore a second major deformation corridor to the south along the mafic/ultramafic assemblage juxtaposed to the above-mentioned sedimentary basin has been identified.


  • Two potential environments for Nickel have been identified:
    • The mafic/ultramafic volcanic assemblage in the Urban-Barry greenstone belt:
      • Extends over 45 km and includes geochemical and geometric units characteristic of world-class nickel camps including komatiites and differentiated ultramafic sills,
      • Geochemical evidence of a nickel-bearing concentrating system with sulphide saturation processes due to sediments and sulphide-rich felsic volcanics that can be assimilated.
    • Grenvillian parautochtone: Ultramafic intrusions and komatiite lavas have been identified in paragneisses and amphibolites.


  • The Urban-Barry belt is the host of major deposits, including the Windfall, Barry and Gladiator projects. According to interpretations, units and structures associated with the Gladiator deposit could continue on to the Skyfall project,
  • At Skyfall, secondary structures recognized in magnetic survey south of the Urban deformation corridor are trending similarly to the Masere Fault, associated with the Windfall deposit,
  • The discovery of polygenic conglomerate in a sedimentary basin is reminiscent of other favorable gold context in the Abitibi greenstone belt,
  • 2020-2022 fieldwork led to the delineation over 7 till anomaly clusters, each containing at least one sample with more than 50 gold grains.


  • Helicopter-borne mag-EM survey and direct prospecting on mag-EM anomalies.
  • Regional mapping and systematic sampling targeting for:
    • Nickel: identification of cumulate phases (thickness and volcanic facies) and main channels as well as exhaustive recognition of volcanic polarities based on Air-borne EM survey,
    • Gold: follow-up on deformation zones and main contacts units including the sedimentary basin containing the polygenic conglomerate.


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